Community Portal for Children’s Show

A local children’s television show established in the year 2007.

Business Needs
  • To build an online club, a community portal for fans of the children's television show.

Business Aim
  • To increase fan membership, engagement and interaction.
  • To increase sales of merchandise to fans of the television show

The UNO Solution
  • The show’s membership portal was rebuilt to allow users to apply for a membership account through which they can check and make their point transactions.
  • The API was developed for the POS vendors to validate membership and for the members to gain or redeem points in online shops through an integrated point-system.

The Results
  • The company is able to achieve a high return on investment on the construction of the portal through a yearly membership fee.
  • The membership portal now hosts over 12,000 loyal fans.

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Customised Web Application: POS System API Integration