Customised Web Application

We have vast previous experience developing custom, on-demand web applications to best suit our client's needs and budgets, bringing their business to the next level of online innovation!

Currently, we have built the following solutions to achieve specific business goals:

Customer Relationship Management
To truly engage with customers today is to create a bond of trust, emotional connection and open communication. Online customer engagement methods firstly include chats, subscription to newsletters for free advice or updates, guestbooks and online forms to establish contact.
After a business relationship is built, customers can be retained through online reviews and polls & surveys to listen to what customers have to say about your company’s product or services. Collecting customer feedback allows your business to understand how customer think, and shows the customers you care.
Customer loyalty is often established after a customer is satisfied with the product or service of your company and was able to communicate any possible dissatisfactions. These recurring customers should be rewarded, and we have built systems to provide your customers the opportunity to tell a friend about your business as well as a royalty and point system to thank them for their continuous support!

(i) Customer Engagement
• Web Chat
• Member Registration / Subscription
• Guestbook
• Online Forms

(ii) Customer Feedback
• Discussion Board / Forum
• Polls and Survey
• CRM System

(iii) Customer Loyalty
• Tell / Invite a Friend
• Royalty & Points System

Business Management
As your online client base grows, your company will require more than just the ability to conduct business transactions online. Uno has constructed specific solutions to enable you to bill & invoice your clients, have a clear overview of your stock through our inventory system and allow you to manage entire campaigns through a cutting-edge project management solution.
• Online Billing System
• Inventory System
• Project Management

Administer your website with ease through the Uno Content Management System.
• UnoCMS

Other Customisations
• Directory / Portal
• Voting System
• Online Classified