E-Commerce / Shopping Cart

UnoCart has a proven track record of successfully help regional brands and independent retailers drastically increase their sales through online stores. Best of all, it's integrated with major local online payment gateways such as Ipay88, eGHL and PayPal.

Every brick-and-mortar store has its limitations in terms of its location and opening hours. You are only able to provide your goods to customers who walk into your shop when your store is open, and hope that they see an item they like, or find what they are looking for. If your store is crowded, your salespeople may only serve several customers at once, inadvertently causing you to lose out on sales or receive a bad review!

With UnoCart, your business can reach national and international customers with an user-friendly 24 hours-a-day online storefront with the ability to accept various payment methods in any currency, regardless of whether you have a physical store. The multilingual interface provides your online store with the ability to communicate with your potential clients in any of the hundreds of languages available. This empowers and enables your business to reach other countries, as well as other continents. 

While data analytics assist your company in identifying your market and percentage of returning customers, if you’re running an online campaign or having, you can now communicate with your customers via push notifications and increase customer engagement!

Benefits to Customers (front-end)
⚡ Beautiful UX/UI & Mobile Responsive Designs 
⚡ User-Friendly 
⚡ Multiple Integrated & Secure Payment Gateways
⚡ Multicurrency
⚡ Multilingual 
⚡ Higher Customer Engagement

Benefits for Your Business (back-end)
⚡ Easy to manage 
⚡ Optimised Stock Tracking & Inventory Management
⚡ Customer data analytics 
⚡ PWA Enabled With Apps Notification to easily reach customers
⚡ Premium hosting with 99% uptime