National Tea Company

A tea brand which reaches out and brings together Malaysians from all walks of life, this company is proud to have been a part of the Malaysian way of life through the years. For over 80 years, Malaysians have been bonding and sharing special moments together over a cup of this company’s tea.

Initial Issue
  • The Malaysian Tea Company was utilising a traditional design and image for their website, causing the site to look dated.
  • The company was also unequipped with e-commerce, limiting the sales and distribution of the company.

Business Aim
  • To Reach out to a new, younger generation of Malaysians.

The UNO Solution
  • Uno helped the tea company redesign their “traditional” image utilising lifestyle rebranding.
  • Our team professionally revamped the corporate website with contemporary design elements and ensured that the navigations were up-to-date and user-friendly.
  • The construction of the site was conducted in parallel with the development of an e-commerce system.

The Results
  • The strikingly new design elements gave the entire brand a younger, fresher look that appealed to both the older and younger customers visiting the site.
  • The development of the e-commerce solution allowed the client to expand their online sales beyond the national market into the international market, increasing business profitability and producing a high return on investment.

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