Payment Solution

Uno has launched a first-rate Payment Gateway Solution: Infinity.Money

Simple plan, Simple fee

Receiving payments is fast and easy with our all-in-one plan!
⚡ Visa/Master: 2.5% MDR or RM0.50, whichever is higher
⚡ FPX: 2.5% + MYR0.70
⚡ Zero registration/Setup fee
⚡ Low annual subscription fee of RM400


It's more than a transaction

Infinity.Money isn’t just about receiving payments. We offer Innovative marketing tools for merchants to captivate their clients through:
⚡ Merchant Loyalty Points
⚡ Promo Code Modules
⚡ Infinity.Money Rewards
⚡ Big Data Analytics


Merchant focused, Customers at heart

All merchant's customers will be given an account to access Infinity.Money Dashboard, on web-browsers or Apps. This enables users to access:
⚡ Multi-merchant transaction records
⚡ Merchant Loyalty Points and Infinity.Money Coins redemption
⚡ Promo codes
⚡ Bills payment services
⚡ Buyers protection