When it comes to strategy, design, and technology, it's where it all comes together.

We help businesses plan for the future with actionable ideas. Our teams work with clients to create clear and impactful plans.

As you may know UNO means ONE. And overall process in UNO, all it takes is just a clear;

that converts into solution.
The impact of good strategy consists of these SDLC= System Development Life Cycle flow;

We began by conducting extensive analysis research and strategizing planning using design thinking. The process was then refined using development, implementation, testing, and evaluation problem-solving skills to make the deployment process run more smoothly. Maintenance is a key process in SDLC, where we keep everything neat from a to z.

That was the process we used to help our client progress.

Area of solutions

Enterprise Grade Solutions For SMEs, MNCs, GLCs, Locally and Internationally.

UNO provides full life cycle web and software application development services, from initial strategy through successful launch. Our team have experience creating custom business applications for SMEs, MNCs, GLCs, Locally and Internationally. For the past 17 years, we have created more than 800+ projects. We assist companies in maintaining their existing web applications and modernizing legacy software applications.

Take Your Business Forward with a purpose-build Web Application.

We offer a broad variety of web development services striving to meet clients' requirements and needs. We believe that our core task is to implement the idea in a proper way using the latest technology, rapid development and custom solutions.

Our specialists will create for you a cutting-edge strategy to improve and upgrade digital technologies to boost your business performance and capabilities and provide continuous product support and new technical updates even when the project is over.

Reach more customers online with a custom website design.

With our in-house developed Content Management System, UnoCMS, you can easily create and manage unlimited pages.

It's fast, it's responsive and it's secure.

We believe that web design and development goes beyond just making a website look good.

Your website is your real estate in the digital landscape. The overall look and feel of your website is an opportunity to nail a positive first impression on your online visitors. An effective and intuitively designed website can boost your business' lead generation, customer engagement, and sales conversion, gaining your business new international customers and beyond.

In order to successfully expand your business digitally, it is important to establish a website that highlights your brand's values and identity. Your website will serve as your “face” to your online customers. Having a well-designed website communicates to your visitors that you appreciate quality and are committed to delivering the same standards through your products and services.

Get an E-commerce Website that will attract new customers and really sell, 24/7.

Grow your business through creating memorable online shopping experiences for your customers.

If you are selling online, make sure you are selling right.

UnoCart has a proven track record of successfully helping regional brands and independent retailers drastically increase their sales through online stores. Best of all, it's integrated with major local online payment gateways such as iPay88, eGHL and PayPal.

Every brick-and-mortar store has its limitations in terms of its location and opening hours. You are only able to provide your goods to customers who walk into your shop when your store is open, and hope that they see an item they like, or find what they are looking for. With UnoCart, your business can reach national and international customers with an user-friendly 24 hours-a-day online storefront, regardless of whether you have a physical store. The multilingual interface provides your online store with the ability to communicate with your potential clients from any part of the world. This empowers and enables your business to reach other countries, as well as other continents.

While data analytics assist your company in identifying your market and percentage of returning customers, if you're running an online campaign or having sales, you can now communicate with your customers effectively and increase customer engagement!

Creating Mobile Applications that keep your users engaged.

Backed by years of experience, we build high-quality hybrid apps that work seamlessly across platforms to ensure your product is in the best position for a faster launch, and save you money in the long run!

Move towards a mobile-first approach with mobile app development

Mobile and web apps are a powerful way to create compelling customer experiences and enable employees with tools for productivity.

UNO provides custom software engineering solutions tailored to your business goals and objectives. From ideation to delivery, our experienced mobile app development team digitally transforms your business through cutting-edge front-end and back-end development that is secure and future proof. We are passionate about hybrid development, the modern way to build fast, scalable and secure mobile apps.

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With our 12 in-house full-time staff, almost two decades years of insights, 800+ local & global client base, 4 awards and recognitions since 2005, we're exceptionally confident our specialist digital solutions and conversion framework can significantly reduce your marketing wastage and maximise your online web design and development engagement results.